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Hours Of Operation

Open from 8AM to 8PM, Monday to Saturday. 4+ different programs are available for all age groups.

Unique blend of modern technology, Montessori method and traditional play-way method

1.8/2 Yrs to 4 Yrs.

Take care of your child with utmost care and love

2 Yrs to 10 Yrs

Take care of your child with utmost care and love

2 Yrs to 6 Yrs

Helps parents to understand their child deeply.

0.8 Months to 24 Months

Welcome to the Most Secure Place!

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged 2 years to 6years old are encouraged to explore their potential!

Why Little Innocence is the Best Start?

As the name suggests, in Little Innocence we believe in protecting the innocence that a child carries and believe it to be a very essential quality while growing up. Building a culture of lifelong love for learning wherein they can foster the right behaviour, values and discipline while bringing out the true potential of what and how they can be their best.

What we Offer

International & Progressive Curriculum

With the help of curriculum and industry experts we have created Global based curriculum for our little learners. The curriculum at Little Innocence is planned in a creative way, that is knowledge-based and allows children to explore a wide variety of subjects and materials. Our aim is to effectively teach our children a range of concepts and skills that ensures their holistic development and they can apply the newfound knowledge to real-life situations. This fosters self-esteem, a sense of achievement and self-confidence in these tiny minds.

S.T.E.M. methodology – building a strong foundation

The world is moving towards the philosophy of S.T.E.M. S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The traditional approach of teaching these topics in isolation does not support the ways that children learn the best. Children need to be presented opportunities to learn the same material in different settings and through different lenses. We strongly believe that students are incredibly active learners at 1, 2 and 3yrs of their age. Hence, with a little guidance from us, we can enhance children’s opportunities to engage in S.T.E.M. learning and develop their critical thinking skills.

Personalized Approach

We believe that every child is different from each other. They always seek for personal touch, care and attention. We understand this need and hence provide personalized approach towards teaching. Our teacher-child ratio is framed in such a manner that every child’s capacity building is recognized and considered.

Experiential learning

They say that ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’ This is proved that for the things we must learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them – this differs from passive rote learning. Young children are always curious about the things around them. We at Little Innocence consider that tapping into curiosity lends a natural propensity for children to learn. And hence we motivate children to listen, think, explore, experiment and discover things they learn.

Safety environment

We give utmost importance to the child safety at Little Innocence. When parents leave their young child with us, their child becomes our topmost responsibility. Our preschool is 24/7 under CCTV surveillance. Parents have access to see their child though Mobile Application. We don’t hand over child to any unknown person, apart from guardian list.

Health and Hygiene

We follow strict cleanliness policy. Our preschool is cleaned 3 times a day. In order to keep infections away, we check every child every day to know if he/she has fever/allergy etc. All the material used for children is cleaned every week. The food – (milk and snacks) is prepared in clean kitchen area. All kitchen utensils are cleaned every day after use. Water purifier is used for drinking water.

Qualified and Passionate Teachers

The team of teachers at Little Innocence consists of specialists who have sound experience of teaching and professionally qualified as Early Childhood Educator. The team is passionate, enthusiastic and carries love and affection for children. Our motive is to educate your child to become independent contributor, a good human being, responsible citizen and to lessen your stress when you are stuck in your busy schedule.

Our Activities


Art and Craft

Dramatics and Story-time

Personality Development


Literacy learning

Sand Play

Numeracy Learning

Water Play

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