Parent-Toddler Program

Parent-Toddler Program

AGE ELIGIBILITY – 8months TO 2YRS | TIMING – Alternate Saturdays – 1hr 30 mins

Parent-toddler program at Little Innocence will help toddlers to get ready for the pre-school and parents to understand their child deeply. These bi-weekly programs help a child in emotional, physical, social development and to the parents in engaging with other parents, share their experiences and techniques to connect with their child.

More Details

⦁ Laying foundation for child’s overall development
⦁ Program ensures child readiness to the pre-school
⦁ Program involves parents in the overall development of their child
⦁ Parents spend exclusive time with their kids
⦁ A great learning experience for both Child and Parent

  • Child Eligibility criteria – 0.8months to 24 months
  • Timing – Alternate Saturdays – 1hr 30 mins